Dried Fruit Giveaway Winners!

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Food Dryer Home‘s promotional giveaway is closed, and the three winners are in. Each will receive a carton of freeze-dried fruit snacks; 24 delicious individual servings.

We used a random number generator that selected the following winners:

@igaia who earned an entry in the drawing by tweeting about the giveaway.

@joan_w who also earned an entry in the drawing by tweeting about the giveaway.

@4bratz2luv who earned two entries (among others) by linking to the contest announcement from her blog.

Thanks so much to everyone who participated in the giveaway!

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Dried Fruit Giveaway

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Tomatoes ripe for the Food Dryer

A snack pack of freeze-dried fruit with distinctive tropical flavors. Half the snacks in the carton you could win are these, and half are berry snacks.

Food Dryer Home has found the perfect giveaway to introduce itself to more people: We’re giving away dried fruit!

In our first ever promotional giveaway, we are offering three cartons each holding 24 individual servings of topical snacks and berry snacks. Packaged by Sensible Foods, each serving sells in our local grocery store for $1.70. These dehydrated fruit snacks are low-calorie and delicious; some of the best dehydrated fruit we’ve ever tasted.

Here’s what to do to enter our giveaway:

1. Get one qualified entry by leaving a comment in response to this post. In your comment, tell us what you like to preserve using your food dryer. If you don’t have a food dryer, tell us what you’ll dehydrate when you get one. Multiple comments from the same visitor/email address qualify as a single entry.

2. Get two qualified entries by linking to this post from your own blog or web site. Only one link from a domain will qualify for the two entries. If you’d like to create more links, thanks, but you will earn only two entries. After linking, return here and leave a comment with a link to your web page so we can verify the link… otherwise, we won’t know about it.

3. Get one qualified entry by tweeting a link to this post. In that tweet, mention the twitter name @cityslipper (so we’ll see it and create an entry for you). We’d appreciate multiple tweets, but only one will count as an entry.

4. Visit the two participating blogs where you’ll find a similar post… each of which can earn up to four more entries: One entry for a comment, two entries for a link, and one entry for a tweet. The other participating sites are Small Kitchen Garden and Your Home Kitchen Garden

Multiple entries can increase your chances of winning a carton of fruit, but you cannot win more than one carton per email address or visitor.

This promotional giveaway ends on Friday, November 6, 2009. Our random number generator will select winners on Saturday, November 7 and we’ll post announcements on all three participating web sites.


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